We help you deploy CartoDruid

CartoDruid has been developed with the aim of boosting the industry's technology by simplifying the handling of information outside the office and georeferencing it to ensure a suitable traceability. With this objective, we want to facilitate the adoption of the tool so that you can use it in your work with the least possible effort.

Therefore, from the ITACyL, we make available to people and companies, a support service to help you to use it in your projects.

  • Do you usually work out of the office and need to make measurements with GPS or supporting you in orthophotos (or google maps)?
  • Do you want to always have a search of LPIS parcels for your reference and consult the associated information?
  • Do you want to annotate incidences or information associated with a plot of land (vines, trees, soil tastings, ...) and then use that information on your desktop PC?
  • Do you need to collect information about your work identifying where in your farm you do it?
  • Do you have to fill out different forms in your work and do not know how to associate this information with a geographical area?
  • Do you want to have in your mobile the orthophotos and mapping of an area where there is no data connection?
  • Do you want to collect GPS tracks and associate information to the track without needing external applications?

All this and much more , you can do it with CartoDruid directly from your mobile.

Send us an email at telling us your case and we will contact you to see how CartoDruid can help you to improve and streamline your work.

Custom Development

CartoDruid is not only a GIS tool for field data collection with closed functionality. CartoDruid is also extensible to be able to create complex projects that need their own working logic.

For the creation of such projects is used the SDK called cartodruid-sdk. This framework defines the infrastructure of a project work on the device and reusable GIS editing tools, and includes extension points in which to add specific components for new projects.

For the ITACyL's works, the SDK has been used to accomplish various developments according to the complexity of the data collection processes. At the moment this SDK is not open to the outside. If you need a customized development, contact us.

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) inspection project

The CAP inspections project developed from cartodruid-sdk allows to carry out the field inspections of the CAP inspections.

The complexity of the forms and the underlying data model required developing a custom made solution which included, on the one hand, a task management module to coordinate the work of the more than sixty technicians who perform inspections in CyL and a data synchronization system for the automatic download of information in the devices and the subsequent incorporation of the control information in the corporate database.

Pest Control and Surveillance

Within the frame of activities of the Pest Observatory of the Junta de Castilla y León includes the monitoring of more than a dozen pests. This monitoring is carried out through periodic visits distributed throughout the territory of Castile and Leon, and in which technicians take different types of samples to assess the state of pests and diseases. These activities involve more than fifty technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture and ITACyL distributed throughout the Community.

CartoDruid has been the basis for the coordination of these tasks and for the in field georeferenced data collection. Since cartodruid-sdk, extensions have been developed that include:

  • Task module, each technician controls the status of his tasks directly from the mobile device and through the map can determine the most suitable path for the daily route.
  • User interfaces and tools tailored to the task, each pest has its own sampling fields, extensions try to simplify the tasks of technicians to save work time on the field.
  • Data synchronization. The extension include the possibility of synchronizing the data collected by the technicians, which has allowed to have global data of the state of the pests updated with a greater frequency.

Vole inspection project

The application created allows the collection of data in the field on the vole plague and the integration with the centralized database allowing to generate reports of affectation immediately.

Since some data to be collected are Yes / No data type, the forms have been implemented so the data collection is possible even without having to look at the screen. This has allowed a considerable increase in the simplicity and speed of data collection.

Cereal Pests inspections project

The project allows the collection of data on cereal pests in the field. The inspector collects information from locations in which the presence of certain pest and disease of the cereal is evaluated. The visits are made in spaces of 15 days so it is necessary that the application maintains a history of visits and the collected data will move to a historical register when a new visit is made.

The creation of complex forms in Android allows the application to collect several data on 5 different samples for 15 different pests in a single form. Being intuitive and easy to manage from an Android device (tablet or mobile phone).

Esca inspections project

In this case the application allows the collection of data on Esca pest inspections that affects the vineyards. The data to be collected are the rows on which samples are collected as well as vines that are significant.

The rows are collected as linear elements whereas the most significant vines, are collected as point elements. For these feature types is possible to collect images that will carry associated geographic information (Exif data)